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Learn Why We Play With Passion For A Mission!

Who We Are!

Annually every May, the community of Greater Atlanta unites to take a swing against hunger at the Doctors’ annual summer tournament.

This tournament was founded with the importance of creating the community of Atlanta stronger by addressing one of its essential needs – helping to end hunger here locally. Excitedly! The tournament has grown in strength with participants and donations each year. With the amazing combination of efforts, this fantastic team of participants continues to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Atlanta Community Food Bank. All donations are used to purchase food to provide meals not only for Atlanta but throughout Georgia.

This passion for giving back has grown so tremendously that we are creating opportunities to give year-round in conjunction with the fun annual charity golf event.

Last Year’s Wins

This year’s event broke a record, and it was a bigger success than I could have hoped for!  I’m awed by all of your generosity.

This year we had the honor and privilege of giving our donation of $26,700.00 to the Food Bank. This amount will buy $240,300.00 worth of food bringing our 16-year cash donation total to $149,644.00!

Purchasing EXACTLY $1,274,403.00 worth of food!

I want to thank each and every one of you for your participation, donation, friendship, good wishes, prayers, and support for the effort in raising money for the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Congratulations everyone on a job well done!

Support The Cause

Participating in events like a golf tournament is just one way the community can give back to ACFB. You can also volunteer with the food bank by participating in various activities such as sorting and packing food at its facilities; help at the garden; or host food and fund drives to benefit the organization.

Thank you caring about hunger in our community.

“When Was the Last Time You Went to Bed Hungry, And It Was Not on Purpose?”